We’re Quaint, Not Different – Arborg’s Vibe

Small towns are underrated.

And we’re often stereotyped. Some statements are true, others aren’t. Actually most aren’t.

My hometown of Arborg is quaint and unique. Dare I say, cute. Maybe that’s too far. No, I think cute is accurate.

Arborg is cool. Maybe it’s our vibe. Or our constant stream of socials and gatherings.

Whether you were raised in Arborg, or you visited family or competed in town at a sporting event, you noticed there’s something you can’t put your finger on.

Arborg’s different without being strange. We’re cool without being cocky. And we’re kind without being fake.

I love Winnipeg. With its history  and the Exchange District. Its downtown, and its Charleswood. But when I returned from Edmonton, I gravitated back home.

And home was Arborg.

And some things never change:

  1. Our postal code. It’s “R ‘Oh’ C, ‘Oh’ A ‘Oh’ ” because saying “R-zero-C, zero-A-zero is bizarre.
  2. We like coffee. We like Chicken Chef. And we like to go for coffee at 3 p.m. Every. Day.
  3. If you call a wrong number, chances are that person knows the person you’re trying to call. Hold on, because chances are they’ll give you the correct phone number too.
  4. Pothole season is one day.
  5. Construction season is two weeks at the most.
  6. If four vehicles come to a four-way stop, no one moves.
  7. Chances are if you forget to lock your door at night, you’ll survive.
  8. Chances are if you forget to lock your door at night, you have another means of protection in the house. (We’re friendly, but we’re not idiots.)
  9. Everyone either knows everyone, or we know a person who knows a person who is related to that person. Got it?
  10. Almost everyone owns either a: 1) snowmobile; 2) motorcycle; 3) ATV; 4) black or white vehicle; or 5) vintage vehicle
  11. It’s not a “garage” or “workplace.” It’s a “shop.”
  12. When entering Co-op, account for visiting time.
  13. It’s common to see tractors, ATVs, and lawnmowers driving down streets – usually heading towards Main Street .
  14. We’ve had a rivalry with another town for over 65 years. No one knows why.
  15. If people don’t know how to find Arborg, we give them directions starting from Gimli.
  16. We have our own Starbucks. It’s called Ria Foods. And, no, they don’t have the Unicorn Frappuccino.
  17. The Arborg Bakery increases the town’s population on Saturdays.
  18. Chances are everyone is familiar with the Craft Post, Juna’s Footwear, Deren’s Hardware, and Workforce Fashions. Legendary store that no longer exist, but the stories and memories are passed down to younger generations.
  19. Same with JD’s, a restaurant which served the “Arburger” in the 1980s.
  20. We’re called Arborgians. Although Arborger has a nice ring.

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