We’re Quaint, Not Different – Arborg’s Vibe

A #throwbackthursday repost in honour of Arborg’s distinction as Travel Manitoba’s “5 cute and quaint towns in Manitoba that will inspire your next road trip.”

29 then 40

At first, you don’t notice.

Those quaint little things people do in small towns. They make us unique. Dare I say, cute. Maybe that’s too far. No, I think cute is accurate.
Small towns are underrated. And we’re often stereotyped. Some are true, others aren’t. Actually most aren’t.

Arborg is cool. Maybe it’s our vibe. Or our constant stream of socials and gatherings.

Whether you were raised here, stayed or just visited – you’ve noticed there’s something you can’t put your finger on about us. We’re different without being weird. We’re cool without being cocky. And we’re kind without being fake.

I love Winnipeg. With its history, and the Exchange District. Its downtown, and its Charleswood. But when I returned from Edmonton, I gravitated back home. And home was Arborg.

And some things never change:

  1. Our postal code. It’s “R ‘Oh’ C, ‘Oh’ A ‘Oh’ ” because saying “R-zero-C, zero-A-zero is just…

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