When 30 Years Feels Like Yesterday – The Chronicles and Confessions Of A Brain Tumour Survivor

October 21, 1991. Granted earlier release! Ready to leave the Children's Hospital. The stuffed dog was a gift from a close friend. How cool that it's grey. Yes, I still have the dog. My little sis named her "Princess." "Sept 16, 1991, Monday Dear DiaryThe nerologist, Mr. Young, told me that I have a brain... Continue Reading →

When You Sell a House, You Keep the Memories

Saying goodbye My parents built their dream house. A smaller home in the woods. Surrounded by trails and bulrushes - and black bears. Which means they sold their house and acreage on Highway 68. The acreage even had its own business name, "Karatchuk Acres." On September 30th, mom and dad went to their former home.... Continue Reading →

Hey, You Want a Time Machine – A Chance to Return to High School, Yes or No

"If you could, would you go back to high school?" Adults are often asked this around graduation season. As social media fills with photos of newly minted graduates, some of you become nostalgic about your own high school experiences. A time when Hypercolor shirts, Fat Emma & Pie Face Chocolate bars, leggings, bell bottoms, paisley... Continue Reading →

When a Hysterectomy Closes the Baby Door, You Cope with Humour

On May 6th, 2021, I found out non-essential and elective surgeries have been postponed for the month of May because of the rising number of COVID in Manitoba. The postponed surgeries include hysterectomies - which I was supposed to have in two weeks. This post contains the real word for "Mother Nature's Bill" and "Crimson... Continue Reading →

My Looming Thyroid Surgery – When it Hurts to Sing, There’s an Issue

"We have your surgery date." I'd just returned from a pre-op appointment with my head and neck surgeon when a nurse called with a surgery date. So much for waiting six weeks to a month. On March 11, 2021, my surgeon will be removing half of my thyroid, and a golf ball sized benign nodule.... Continue Reading →

Misconceptions of the Childless Couple – When Risk Doesn’t Equal Reward

The following post is from my opinion column "Tammy's Take" in the Interlake Spectator. Some content has been added and edited. Six years later, there's a part two. And, no, I'm not pregnant.~~~~~ People find innovative ways to reveal their baby bump. Teasers on Instagram. "Accidentally" on talk shows. After an energetic performance at the... Continue Reading →

Let’s Rewind the Tape – A Perspective on 2020

Sure, 2020 wasn't the best year ever. We had expectations. We had plans. Then, boom, the COVID-19 pandemic was declared and everyone's lives - minus Donald Trump's - went off the rails. And bye-bye plans for that trip to British Columbia. Manitoba was in lock down: Work from home. Stay at home. Don't leave the... Continue Reading →

Losing Grandparents Doesn’t Become Simpler with Age

On December 2, 1984, my Gigi Karatchuk died at the age of 67. Our Baba died two years before him, and my sister and I understood death. Trying to process grief and primary school math is complex. Decades later, we lost our maternal grandparents, and those emotions resurfaced. Losing grandparents is difficult, and it's unique... Continue Reading →

Medical Lab isn’t Enforcing Their “Policy” – Why Have Rules if You Won’t Enforce Them

I like to keep my posts light and airy. Poking fun at myself. Laughing about my teenage sense of style. Eating raw cookie dough and shaving my parents' yard and so forth. But Monday, July 6th, I experienced an emotional roller coaster. Not felt since the sinus surgery of 2014 when I thought the hospital... Continue Reading →

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