Discipline, Where Art Thou – Buckle Down and Accomplish the Goal

There are times in our lives when we’re frazzled.

We feel fuzzy. And all we have to do is grab a pen and write. Since I was 10 years old, I’ve kept a journal. But that habit has fallen by the wayside as of late.

Same with my romance novel. And my non-fiction and true-crime research. I was thinking, I’m going to start another romance novel. Or change my non-fiction angle. Or turf the idea and write about another topic.
What I lack is focus and dedication.

I’m reading a biography about Nikola Tesla, a famed mechanical and electrical engineer. According to the prologue, if you want to accomplish anything, you must dedicate yourself. Shut out the noise and focus. Just focus on the goal.

The examples were high-level athletes. No one’s born a high-level athlete. You train. And you train. No one’s born average, or an under-or overachiever. You either strive for excellence or you let life fall by the wayside.

And I’m far from falling from the wayside.

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