Dear Diary – The Entry I Didn’t Write on September 9th, 1991

None Kirana / My Orange Notebook

It was a Tuesday.

Tomorrow, September 10th, is 28 years since my first seizure. Right down to the weekday.

But what about September 9th? Before my life changed overnight? Before I received the diagnosis of a brain tumour? What would my diary entry have been that night? I’ll never know because I stopped writing for about six months.

In September 1991, I was given another diary from my sister as a get well gift during my 11-day stay at the Arborg Memorial Hospital. While I didn’t write a diary entry on September 9th, 1991, I think this would’ve been close.

For humour, I’ve included the grammatical and spelling errors I made at the time in my diaries – and other writings.

Plus, I still make them.

My room at the Arborg Memorial Hospital from September 10 to September 21, 1991. All of the rooms are private. Notice the rotary phone?

Sept. 9/91 (Mon)

Dear Diary,

Sorry I haven’t written in awhile. I haven’t been feeling good. Not sure why.

Grade ten seems harder. I got 64% in a French pre-test! Serious? Last year I got an A in French. Maybe *Mme. Brandson will give us a retest. Lots of kids failed. I’m doing better in sceince than last year.

Anyways the school made the grade seven classrooms a BIG room and there’s a pull table and were getting a real canteen soon. Can’t wait! Better than selling selling bars and chips in front of the typewriting classroom.

So … aparently *Brandon likes me. I think I like him too. I still like *Donovan but he ignored me last year though. So I don’t know. But when I walked into the pool room today he looked at me!  Anyways Brandon and I didn’t work out before. Maybe I should just try to get Donovan to like me. He’s shy though. I’m so confused.

My face was bruised and puffy from brain surgery, but I wasn’t missing the Much Music Video Dance. I’m 13 days post-op. And half of my hair was shaved off. Luckily, it was thick enough to flip over / October 31, 1991

Oh! *Zina and me want to hold a Much Music halloween dance! It’ll be $750! But it’ll be so AWESOME! It makes up for not being on student council again this year. Maybe next year.

Anyways, I can’t wait until fall skating starts. Joanne wants me landing doulbe loops by December and passing my fourth figure when the skatings over. I hate loops! I don’t even practice them off ice. Their scary. I like toe loops.

Some of the girls skated this summer. I wish I could but I did off ice stuff last summer and landed my axel on my first day back. Hopefully it’ll be the same this year. I used mom’s old trampoline and could rotate three times!!! I just want to make it to Dodie Wardles. I was so close last year. UGH! I shouldn’t have stopped that figure eight. At least I got a retry and that one judge gave me a first place.

Anyways, I’m worried about my marks. What if I’m not smart enough to be a lawyer? Mom really wants me to be one. I guess it’s logical. But I want to be a writer and model. But Jenn’s the pretty one and she got the modeling classes. I guess I’m still ugly. My braces probably don’t help. But I’m getting them off next year. Maybe then I’ll be pretty.

I forgot to tell you, dear diary! *Mr. Slipachuk wants to submit mine and *Kelly’s peoms into an anthology! Mines about my views on hunting. Kelly’s is nice too. Maybe I can be a lawyer, writer and model. On Street Legal the lawyers seem to have lots of spare time.

Anyways, when I got home tonight Sharlynn wanted to play Barbies with me. I couldn’t play long because I got another headache. Dad says it’s eyestrain from not wearing my glasses most of the summer. I hate taking tylonal for my headaches. I’m scared of choking so I chew them and they taste gross. Mom says not to chew them so I’ve been swallowing gum as practice.

I should look into getting contacts. Than I wouldn’t have to ware my glasses. Auntie Shirley has contacts. She can see good.

Anyways, I was really tired on Sunday when we were picking potatoes. There were tons of them. My head started to hurt and I came to the house. That new cartoon Darkwing Duck was on the CBC and I slept on the couch for an hour. I never sleep during the day unless I’m sick.

Today I got a weird headache at school. I was leaving geography with *Lynn, *Anastasia, and *Miranda. My head felt like something stabbed my head. Like a screwdriver. Everything went orange and purple. I put my head down on the desk until it past. Anastasia said my face was red. I didn’t tell mom and dad. It’s probably stress.

Anyways, I can’t wait until the welcome back dance on Sept. 12!  It’s going to be AWESOME!!!

Good night, dear diary!

*Names changed