Our World Needs More Love, Not Hate

Why do we hate?

We don’t decide to hate without reason. It goes deeper.

Our natural emotion is love, but we learn to hate. We hate people. We hate religions. We hate our co-workers because they have nice shoes. It’s just a world full of self-created hate.

We’re so caught up in hate-la-la land, love’s a cheap afterthought. Fortunately, most of us don’t act on our hate.

The shootings at the mosques in New Zealand are incomprehensible. Sending thoughts and prayers won’t fix the problem. Our governments can condemn these actions because, of course, these actions are wrong. Yes, it was an unspeakable act of violence.

But it’s more than unspeakable. Because 50 people lost their lives while worshipping where they should’ve felt safe.

Some in our society adopt a “Love thy neighbour as long as they don’t have a different religion than you” mentality. We hate others because of their sexuality, religion, colour of their skin.

One of my high school teachers said, “Hate is a strong word.” Because hate is powerful and it causes hurt.

More hate in the world won’t solve the problem. We need more love. What would it hurt to love and understand someone else’s religion? Or to understand why two men want to share a life together. Or that we can look different and be the same.

No one deserves hate. We can hate someone’s actions, but if we hate them, what does that say about us? Hate breeds hate. People deserve to be understood, no matter how difficult.

And deep down, we all want love. We deserve love.

Because love wins in the end.