Rebooting the Journey, Again!

I’m a storyteller.

And I’m rebooting the journey.

4-0 style.

When I was turning 40, I set out to write 40 posts in 40 days. Even from a hospital bed. I tried again at 41, but I didn’t feel that “thingy.” And when I was turning 42, the attempt was there, and I did post, but it … slowly … tapered … off.

But three years after my 40th birthday, there are more stories to share. Funny ones. Sad ones. Marie Kondo-the house tales. Job horror stories.

But what’s the purpose? Isn’t this a boring re-run?

Not to me.

I need a challenge again. When I was turning 40, life took a turn, and I found myself in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit. I could’ve said, “Okay, the posts end now.”

But I didn’t quit, and I accomplished my goal.

And that’s I’m writing these 43 posts. Between freelancing, editing and writing my novels, I wanted a buckle down, time sensitive project.

There’s 43 days until I’m 43.

I’m a storyteller. And I love to write, even when the words don’t make sense.

Regardless, hopefully you’ll join me on this journey.