My Grownup Birthday List – I’ll Keep it Simple

My birthday feels like a scene from “The Notebook.”

Noah: “What do you want?”

Allie: “It’s not that simple.”

Because it isn’t. When I was a teenager, I wanted clothes, CDs, nail polish and perfume. Now, on the cusp of 40 years old, I can buy my own clothes. CDs are iTunes cards. My nail polish addiction is out of control. And I haven’t worn cologne since 2002.

I thought about my 39 years, and everything that’s happened. And I came up with a list of what I’d like on my birthday. Some are lofty. Some are easy. And others aren’t that simple.

  1. My Bryan Adams t-shirt back from the “Waking Up the Nation” concert in Birds Hill Park in August 1992. Older sister, I’m looking at you.
  2. Same with my Meat Loaf t-shirt, circa 1994.
  3. My CFSA skating pins I can’t locate. [Sorry, mom.]
  4. Voter turnout in Manitoba to be near 60 per cent. I know the election is on April 19th, and I’ll gladly take this as a late birthday gift.
  5. Realize life it too short to not follow your passion.
  6. No snow. Please. Just…no.
  7. April 12th is National Licorice Day. Buy some for the office or the neighbourhood kids. Share a piece with your special someone Lady and the Tramp style.
  8. Love more. Fight less. Judge none.
  9. No matter where you live, watch either the sunrise or sunset, or both.
  10. For everyone to perform a random act of kindness. Buy a coffee for the person behind you. Show up at work with doughnuts. Buy a helium balloon and hand it to a child.
  11. To be able to eat gluten. I’d be at the Arborg Bakery so fast…
  12. For one day, everyone in my grad class to remember friendships never die.friends
  13. Patrick Sharp to be signed back to the Chicago Blackhawks. [I said the list was lofty.]sharp
  14. For both of my families to know I love them, and this will never change.
  15. A Selfie with anyone who wishes me a happy birthday.
  16. For people to realize time doesn’t heal wounds. Love does.
  17. L’Oreal lipstick in Bold Bordeaux, because everyone should be bold. Plus, I need a new one.
  18. For people to smile at strangers and make the world a brighter place, even just for the day.
  19. To remember love is the best gift you can give yourself.