Confession of a 39-Year-Old Who’s Afraid of the Dark

Confession: I’m afraid of the dark.

Seriously, I hate the dark. Not being able to see drives me crazy. Which is bizarre, since my glasses are so strong, my optometrist claims I’m almost legally blind. 
When my husband’s away, I don’t sleep in our room. I sleep in the TV room. Where I have light from the window. And I can fall asleep watching “Bridges of Madison County.”

Don’t judge me.

My husband bought me a night light. However, it’s a blue light. Imagine a pitch black room with a beam of blue light. It’s like a real bad a$$ light saber. Sweet, but it’s not working.

It’s not a fear of the dark. I just don’t like it. And it stemmed from Freddy Kruger. Nightmare on Elm Street. Elementary school. After that movie, the hall light stayed on.

When my little sister was born, my parents left the hall light on for her, and I wasn’t about to complain.

This might seem like an illogical fear for someone my age. But some fear spiders and snakes. Fear is fear.

I’m also afraid of bees, tornadoes, and underground parkades.

For now, I’ll skip the light saber and sleep in the TV room.

And cuddle with my unicorn.

Because I’m an adult, and I’ll do what I want.

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