Let’s Rewind the Tape – A Perspective on 2020

Sure, 2020 wasn’t the best year ever.

We had expectations. We had plans. Then, boom, the COVID-19 pandemic was declared and everyone’s lives – minus Donald Trump’s – went off the rails.

And bye-bye plans for that trip to British Columbia.

Manitoba was in lock down:

Work from home. Stay at home. Don’t leave the house. Order in groceries. Don’t lick people.

Rather than hoard toilet paper and Lysol wipes, I though it’d be logical to use the time wisely. Write and finish three books. Learn the guitar. Start acting classes again. Sketch and paint. But some items on my list were ridiculous. Finishing The Crown, check. Learning French, no.

What people accomplished during the pandemic rolled onto social media, and I felt as though I failed.

LinkedIn was (and is) the worst.

“During the lock down, I started and completed an accelerated four-year B.A. and challenged for my Master’s. In six months! I’m a single dad with ten full times jobs with four kids, seven dogs, and a nine-legged lizard. The power of positive thinking, people!” 

That’s awesome. During six-month lock down in Winnipeg, I picked up two skills. Zoom, thanks to my online acting classes, and boiling the perfect egg. Who likes a crumbly yoke?

As the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20. Ergo, before the 3-2-1, people were prepared to reflect on their lives. What went wrong? How could they improve? What colour should they stop wearing?

But hindsight doesn’t mean the rear view mirror. It can be learning from old mistakes. Appreciating who’s in your life today. Understand and controlling your reactions. Learning coping skills. Dealing and adjusting to change. Letting go of control. Setting boundaries. Releasing toxic people into the wilderness.

I’ve always known life can change overnight, however, this year was different. Because everyone’s life changed overnight.

Forget your expectations for 2021. It’s not about resolutions. It’s about further growth and being at peace with yourself. Knowing who you are.

Whether you can boil a perfect egg or not.