So, What Happened to the Birthday Blog Challenge?

It was March 18th, 2016.

I received at phone call from the seizure clinic. The Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) in Winnipeg’s Health Science Centre had an open bed. So, how did a five to 10-day stay at Chez EMU sound? Why does everything end with “Chez”?

With 37 nodules cemented to my head and face? A 24-hour EKG. In an effort to figure out whether I have epilepsy or if there was another reason for the seizures. Or if surgery was possible. My first thought and question. “But I have a skating competition?” But I didn’t bother with, “But what about my birthday blog challenge?”

During my stay, somehow I posted everyday, even the afternoon of a tonic-clonic seizure. A short entry, but an entry.

Interruptions are part of life. No one understands this better than someone with epilepsy. But the last too-tired-to-count weeks?

When everyone is focused on COVID-19, I question if it’s appropriate to write funny content? Do people want to read about the grade six trip to Clear Lake? My broadcasting blunders? Pine for stores of yesteryear, such as Johnson’s. If you remember that store, you miss them too. Since the middle of February, most of my posts have been reposts or short poems.

I would love to write humorous content. People need to laugh. While people should accept it’ll be awhile to flatten the curve, we need to take a break – and brush up on our skills or learn something new.

For instance, I can’t play the guitar, but I have a guitar. A grad gift from my former husband. I graduated from college in 2011. Yes, I fully aware it’s 2020. He thought since I learned how to make documentaries, I could learn something else creative. I understand his logic.

And I want to write books. Re-edit my children’s book. Write songs and poems again. Learn ASL. Start sketching again and learn to paint. I also want to refine my Photoshop and InDesign skills. And my DSLR camera skills. Which I’ve had since 2015. Again, I know. Start singing again.

It’s strange how a pandemic can make you realize what you’re missing in life.

And that’s living.

Stay home. Save lives. And do not be afraid. We will get through this together.