What Do You Write about During a Pandemic – You Just Write

“ideas for blog posts during a pandemic”

I Googled this tonight, trying to come up with a post. Seriously, what should I post about while people are either arguing or making fun of hoarding toilet paper?

Some believe COVID-19 is a death sentence, and others are saying the symptoms are mild. When people are panicking, and others are relatively calm (I’m in that camp).

Yes, I’m calm. I’m confident with self-isolation, quarantines, social distancing, and proper steps to keep each other safe, we can control COVID-19.

And that K-12 Manitoba students should be kept at home. Rather than waiting until Friday, March 20th.

I understand some people are more vulnerable than others. People are worried about their families, the elderly, people with weakened immune systems and with underlying conditions.

Yes, be ready. Have a plan. Buy one can of Lysol. I was out, so I bought another – out of need. The toilet paper was low. Again, out of need. I wonder if the people hoarding toilet paper understand their actions? Then when it dawned on people that, hey, we can’t eat toilet paper, they moved onto food, leaving the shelves bare.

This isn’t an Apocalypse.

When the World Health Organization (WHO) announced COVID-19 as a pandemic, they said the word “pandemic” shouldn’t instill fear and panic.

But it has and here we are. Each COVID-19 case is scary. But we don’t know the story behind the case. Travel? Close contact?

And a fun fact about toilet paper. During the 1950s and earlier, some families couldn’t afford toilet paper. They used Eaton’s catalogues. Newspaper. Whatever was available.

When I was young, my Gigi Karatchuk mentioned this guy who took the last piece of butterscotch marshmallow square. And my Gigi Karatchuk said he thought it was selfish to take the last of something.

That’s stuck with me. But if it’s something I really need, such as feminine hygiene products or almond milk, I have zero choice.