My Pet Peeves – Stop Snapping Your Gum!

I’m sure most people have pet peeves.

Pet peeve reactions range from “Oh, well, they can’t help it” to “‘Do you have to do that here!’ ” Sometimes, people aren’t aware their actions are completely icky, cringe worthy, or rude.

Worse? When people know your pet peeves, and they do them on purpose. Just to make a point. Just to be a pest. Or just to make the list … of people who won’t receive a Christmas card. *good save*

Here are my pet peeves in no particular order. Some are normal, some are strange, and some may cause pet peeves of your own.

  • Gum snapping. I don’t mean Bubblicious or the goo meant for bubbles. I mean those Chicklet-size pieces trapped in aluminium. Because they can be snapped over and over. Fun fact: this is Oprah‘s pet peeve too.
  • Jingling in pant pockets. I don’t care if it’s loose change, keys, or a Swiss Army knife – stop the jingling! Worse? When it’s intermittent. Stop. Relief. Start. Anger rising.
  • Semi-trucks. When I first moved to Winnipeg, I was on Route 90 with a semi in front, behind, and to my left. I was fine at first, until the left one signalled and tried to move into my lane until I honked. Another time, I was driving to Winnipeg and a semi passed me. It would’ve been fine – if there wasn’t a snowstorm.
  • Clipping toenails in bed. I hope I don’t need to explain this one.
  • Finding nail clippings around the sink. At least there was an attempt to be sanitary.
  • People who don’t follow/know the mall walking rules. It’s counter-clockwise. If you want to cross to the other side, you pass at an intersection, a.k.a. the benches. Don’t push through the crowd Willie-Nillie. The second level of Polo Park Shopping Centre is chaos!
  • People staring at their “Smartphones,” walking in a trance who aren’t paying attention and expect everyone to weave around them. I weave to avoid waking them up.
  • When I bump into a former co-worker or classmate, and they pretend to remember me. Then after a 20-minute conversation, and they say, “I’m sorry. What was your name again?” I remembered you *sniff*.
  • When clothes hanger hooks face you rather than the wall. It’s just wrong.
  • When I put an item in my online shopping cart and it’s removed because someone else wants it. Um, if it was in my cart, obviously, I wanted it too.
  • When I call somewhere and the person mumbles. And I have to ask whether I’ve reached insert-name-of-place, and I still can’t understand them. What’s with the mumbling?
  • People who write, “Wow, that happened in 1990? I was only six/wasn’t born/still in utero.” It just proves they’ve witnessed less than me. Artificial ice? #survivor
  • People calling me, “Tam.” In grade two, I learned a tam is a hat. Of course, some kids picked on me. However, I allow exceptions.
    • My older sister has called me “Tam” for years.
    • Same with one of my friends from high school who lives in BC.
    • My ex calls me Tam when he talks to his family, otherwise he doesn’t call me Tam.
    • My late mother-in-law would call me Tam, and I never corrected her because she made it sound cute.
  • When I say “no” to a drink, and it’s assumed I’m a recovering alcoholic.
  • And, of course, when the toilet paper is hung wrong. If I’m at my parents’ house, I switch the roll to the correct position.