Daylight Saving Time, You’re the Worst

Daylight Saving.

When our Smartphones and computer clocks auto-change, and we leave our oven ticker until November.

It’s an archaic, out-dated, over-stayed-its-welcome system. What does it accomplish?

Anyone? Because I’m hearing crickets.

The entire idea of Daylight Saving is pointless. We may as well call it “modified, pointless” time. People don’t start their jobs an hour early for DST. But their sleeping habits are out of whack.

And some will say, “It’s nice to have an extra hour of sunlight.” Of course, there’s an extra hour of sunlight. We made that happen. Roll your clocks forward eight hours and you’ll see an early moon.

I’m tired of the Easter and Thanksgiving take-and-give-a-bration. The rationale behind DST doesn’t apply in today’s world. Some of us are still confused about DST. In the spring do we lose an hour, gain an hour, turn into a pumpkin? In the fall, do we gain an hour with pumpkin pie? Not anymore, since the powers that be decided Daylight Saving should end in November. Genius idea. #sarcasm.

Crops don’t run on Daylight Saving Time. Neither do animals. Cows don’t look at the clock in the barn and think, “Oh yeah, I have to hold my milk for another hour tonight.” We can’t do that to Betsy!

Iceland, Japan, India, and other countries don’t adjust their clocks – and they’re not falling apart. Saskatchewan is the only Canadian province that doesn’t run on DST.

Alberta and British Columbia are screaming uncle to Daylight Saving, and Manitobans want to jump on the bandwagon.

Because it’s time to bid Daylight Saving adieu.