Who Moved my Epic Moment – I Was Ready!

I waited for this moment.

Like a giddy child, I waited for this moment for a month.
I mean, didn’t we all? How often does this happen? Has this ever happened before? Exactly. This was going to be awesome. Huge. Epic. Spectacular! Momentous! I need a life!

In anticipation, I cleared my cache, boosted my ram, rebooted my phone. I seriously need a life!

The time came closer and … then it was 2:05 p.m. I noticed a silent, discrete text.

From the Weather Network. To say, this was a test of the Alert Ready system.

The time had passed. Not unnoticed. But without fanfare, and no epic-potamus.

I didn’t receive the “Beep, beep,” or “Honk, honk,” or whatever. Because I have no idea how Alert Ready sounds, except for the video. What if the video is a bait and switch? Big Mac Syndrome. There’s the “Here’s what it looks-like,” and the “Here’s what you’re getting.” Sure, they’re both yummy and delicious and mouth-watering, and … seriously, I’m Celiac, give me this one, okay?

But the moment passed. And it was not epic. With 1:55 p.m. long gone, I conceded with the fact, I wasn’t going to receive a Alert Ready system test.
I’m just going to pretend it sounds like a baby crying
Photo sources:
Crying Baby – Pixabay.com
Fireworks – Karatchuk Photography