Here were go again.

Heading off to bed, without knowing what time zone we’ll wakeup in.

Because it’s Daylight Saving Time. Even though we’re not saving anything. We lose an hour of sleep. Or are we gaining? I have no clue. I just know twice a year I push or spin the dial on my clocks because at the beginning of the last century, someone said so.

At least it’s a good reminder to check your smoke detectors.

Last year, I wrote how we should abolish the age old idea of DTS. It’s archaic. It’s pointless. And I plain just don’t like it. Studies have proven DTS do not account for higher productivity. Nor does it help agricultural. Alberta’s planning on turfing it – private members bill pending.
In 1966, Saskatchewan – the land of John Deere and oats – opted out of Daylight Saving. It makes you wonder if the song is worth dancing to. Okay, the song’s always worth dancing to, but that’s not my point. Saskatchewan didn’t poo-poo daylight saving because it was too complicated. They knew it wasn’t, say, thirteen hours, and they had to find a place for it.

It’s Daylights Saving. Not the 2009 Grey Cup. *extra man. cough*

Opting out is the smart thing to do. Manitoba should opt out. Everyone should opt out. Tonight, I refuse to turn my clocks back. I mean ahead. Or whatever. I will sleep until my alarm goes off. I will get out of bed when I want. It’s Sunday. So … whatever. But still, I’m making a stand. While sitting down writing this blog.

I’m tired of punching buttons on my oven and microwave. And in this day and age, I shouldn’t have to. After Sunday morning at 2 a.m. CT, I’m finished with Daylight Saving.

For at least six months.