The Land Of Confusion – Why Can’t I Write These Posts

I don’t know what’s different this year.

I can’t seem to write for this blog. Maybe the best stories were written. Or I have stories, but I can’t share them.

Sure, I wrote a post last night. I confessed I think I’m fat. And now people are aware of my insecurities. A round of applause please.

I don’t understand. I can edit my novel. I can write for my pen name blog. Why can’t I write something of value for this blog. Such as a “Dear 19-Year-Old Tammy” letter, or a story about … something. Whatever. Anything is better than a rambling post.

Last year, I entered this project under different circumstances. I believe it’s the organization of the mind that can throw a person off course.

I think I feel another letter brewing.

I need a photo.

So, here’s my sister’s dog.