Rediscovering Myself – One Makeup Mistake At A Time

I’m struggling for a topic.

worth - a

Despite rumours, writing isn’t hard but it’s not simple. You want to be poetic, without being brash. Witty, without being crude. And you want to write substance rather than sludge.

It’s strange, because I write all the time. It’s my job. I’m a reporter. I’m writing a novel. I have other blogs.

But restarting this blog is challenging. At first glance, I think I covered everything when I turned 40.

But can I do better than green mascara and Daylight Saving Time? Am I more than Throwback Thursdays and figure skating?

Or did I pigeon-hole myself as an opinionated adult skater who’s nostalgic with a past full of brutal makeup choices?

I guess that remains to be seen.