Stony Mountain on Ice – Let’s Give it a Try!

Tomorrow, I’m coming out of retirement.

My epileptologist cleared me to compete in Stony Mountain on Ice.

Twenty-five years ago, I competed in my first Stony, and I won silver. In 1993, I added another silver. The next year, I tried for another medal, but I placed fourth in Juvenile freeskate after falling very slowly on a double toe loop.

And 22 years later, I’m giving it another try. In adult introductory interpretive. Skating to “Breathe Me” by Sia.

A lot has changed in 22 years.
I won’t wear a dress made by my mom or a stream stress. Though I’m sure I could stretch to the max my favourite spandex one that my mom made me in grade eight – a hot pink dress with a white lace underskirt and a hot pink lace v-neck.


I’ll be wearing a dress and tights with a sweater inspired by Sia’s hair.

There won’t be any high flying jumps or maximum rotation spins tomorrow. Interpretive is drama on ice.

I skate in the evening. Rather than arriving mid-day, I’ll enter the rink at 6 p.m., hand in my music – you know, CDs rather than cassettes – and prepare for warm up an hour later. And I’ll take my opening stance and be marked in points rather than ordinals.

One thing that hasn’t changed is my skating bear, Nicky. He was a gift in grade seven, and I used to take him to every skating competition.

IMG_20160401_205340And he’ll jump into my skating bag and travel to Stony Mountain with me.
There’s only two competitors in my division – so I have a 50/50 shot at the top of the podium. But, let’s face it – I have two silvers from Stony. I want the gold. But after the last two weeks, I don’t consider silver last place.

It’s a stepping stone.