When There Are No Words – You Write Anyway

I wish I could express myself,

But I just can’t today.

I’m not sad. I’m not glad. I’m an in between.

Sitting here blue-plaid.

Watching an EEG screen.

My brainwaves on a television. Instead of me.

My voice is off-air.

Yet a microphone’s installed above me.

I wanted to prove them wrong.

I would be a someone. A big deal. Become a shining star.

That was the dream.

But stars fall. Cards run out. So much for the big scheme.

I imagined a different life,

Without tumbles, roadblocks and falls.

But I can’t run from the knocking,

It will chase you down.

And though some may mock,

Remember, we’re someone who matters.

We just happened to fall.

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