Frosted Mini-Wheats Unite – Let Us Get To Know Each Other

I’m fun.

But few people know about my Frosted Mini-Wheats side. They think I’m a plain dry Mini-Wheat. You know, those large ones that need milk or you’ll choke.

Few people understand me. I’m a serious person who cracks jokes most people don’t understand. I can see how that causes confusion.

In 1998, I met a counsellor at Red River College. Within one visit, he understood me. Completely. Our visits focused less on my marks and more on who I was and what I wanted out of life. Everyone deserves to have an experience like meeting a Tim Thurston. When I look back on our visits, they remind me of tapered down appointments between Sean Maguire and Will Hunting from “Good Will Hunting.”

*Language warning

Yes, he was that awesome. We’d swap stories and laugh. Our visits were sometimes two hours long.

He didn’t think I was a plain Mini-Wheat. He knew the real me. Who wanted to be a writer and broadcaster. Who hated business administration. Who had a crush on a DJ.

Tim died of a heart attack in 2000, and it hurt like hell. Because whenever I had a problem, I’d run to him. Now, I had nowhere to run.

He learned the real me. I almost didn’t meet Tim. The day of my appointment at RRC, I was inches from leaving my chair. But I’m so grateful his door opened. He taught me valuable life lessons about “sailing my own ship,” and taking control of my life. I learned more about myself during those two years than I thought possible.

Not letting people learn about you is one of the greatest tragedies in life. No one can truly understand how you feel, but a handful will at understand your sarcastic humour and awkwardness.

Reach out. Let us learn about you.

Who knows. You might be a misunderstood Frosted Mini-Wheat, too.