Dear 12-Year-Old Tammy – Enjoy the Moment

Dear 12-Year-Old Tammy,

First of all, you’re not fat. You’re 105 lbs.

Stop being bitter about being a middle child. You have a big sister and a little sister. Cherish them, even when you’re at odds. Because you’ll need them when you’re older, and they’ll need you.

worth - aDon’t wear black eyeliner, purple eye shadow and green mascara on picture day. Just don’t. Your mom will not be happy when the photos arrive.

How about you don’t wear green mascara, period. And clear mascara? It’s utterly pointless. But that’s just my opinion, which is hindsight – and you don’t have to listen.

So, don’t let people control your life. They’re not the ones living it, and they shouldn’t have a say in your choices. Advice, yes. Manipulation, no.

Stop worrying about that guy you, like, totally want to date, because you’re, like, totally perfect for each other. Trust me, you’ll date him. And breakup. And make up – repeat. All through junior and senior high school. Basically, the relationship’s a Taylor Swift song. She’s … never mind, you’ll find out. But you’ll love the song when you’re older.

And when you write in your diary, please give context. I’d like to know why “this weekend was awful.”

Know your worth. No matter how cute the guy. If he passes you a note stating you’re next if the other girl doesn’t like him – check “no.” You’re not a backup plan.


Wear as much Avon Night Magic as you want, because you won’t be able to wear cologne as an adult. But go easy on the hairspray. You want control, not concrete. Curling your bangs … just don’t.

Most of all – be happy. Because you’re not, are you? Junior high’s confusing. Especially when you’re not sure where you fit in. Just enjoy the ride. Your only worries should be landing your flip in skating and getting an “A” in math. Live your life and go to boy-girl parties. Joke around more at sleepovers – because you take life too seriously. Kiss that guy you’re dating. On the cheek though.

I mean, you’re only 12 years old.

Talk soon,

From 39-year-old Tammy