Pondering a Throwback Thursday Issue


Forget Friday.

It’s all about Thursday.

Throwback Thursday. When social media sites are cluttered with #TBTs. Yes, this nostalgia buff practically has #ThrowbackThursday marked on the calendar.

It’s the time to post childhood photos and your 1990s shenanigans with friends. But what about the real past?


On Facebook, a photo surfaced last month on a guy’s timeline of two young people embracing. The girl posted the #TBT with the tagline: “Remember these days?”

Turns out, they were a former couple. They joked back and forth about the photo, and their friends joined in. Needless to say, it was a little crazy.

Crazy awesome.

That’s the fine line with #TBT I struggle with.

I don’t know if *Liam wants to see a photo with, “19__, Date night with Liam! Great times.” Or, “*Zane, remember this from 19__? What were we thinking?”

It’s funny, because it’s the past. We should laugh, but for some reason we’re not to discuss it. We’re forced to let photos and mementos die in our albums. Choosing “1990, Valentine’s Day dance,” or “Wow, 1978, eating an 8-track.”

Since our exes are the past, we’re expected to act as though they never existed.

As I sift through old photos, I often wonder should I post this because *Liam’s in it, or this one’s great, but *Zane’s in the corner.

acid washed

Unless I do some creative cropping, the main events in my life are pretty much unpostable – my 16th birthday party, the majority of high school dance photos after grade nine, the graduation corsage exchange.

#TBTs are about memories, not missing someone. They’re about remembering the best times in your life. Not wanting those times back.

My husband brought that couple’s photo to my attention tonight. It was his cousin and ex-girlfriend from the ‘90s. Both are in other serious relationships.

In that grainy photo, it proves two people can breakup, remain friends, and share a memory. And allow their friends remember too. Throwbacks are about interacting and creating conversation. And nothing engages people like nostalgia.

Because somehow a photo of me in an acid-wash skirt doesn’t encompass a #TBT.

*Names changed.